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A small business owner’s leadership burden can be immensely stressful. However confident you, the owner, may be, there will be times when you’ll wish for another mature, experienced businessperson to provide a vital second opinion or alternative idea. Or, you may just want to bounce ideas off of someone else.


Dr. McCain realizes that one of the biggest problems encountered by a businessperson is, quite simply, they don’t know what they don’t know.


Dr. McCain’s solution is to provide business owners with practical and proven advice at a reasonable price. Business solutions do not have to provide financial hardship for a business, and timely advice and ideas are often critical for business survival.

Business Works and Dr. McCain are committed to advancing the understanding of how independent business works. He is committed to providing research pertaining to independent business, and to disseminate his findings in his newsletter. He is committed to training business leaders in how best to advance their success.