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Take Control of Your Business with “how-to” forms, procedures, manuals, even in-person business consulting!

Many business problems are not complex. You need to update your Human Resources Guide, implement employee evaluation forms, or relearn cash flow analysis. But the information you need is not at your fingertips.

BUSINESS WORKS provides the documents you need right now – from thousands of manuals, business plan templates,employee evaluation samples, financial analyses and more. All tailored to hundreds of different industries – in English, French and Spanish. All created by BUSINESS WORKS . All in successful use today by hundreds of companies world-wide. (The new I-9 forms can be found on my Samples Page, in both English and Spanish)

Are your business problems more complex? Do they require a deep background in functional business problem-solving?BUSINESS WORKS CEO Dr. Jim McCain, a 30-year veteran of over 450 satisfied business clients, provides general business consulting. Contact the Business Doctor today for a free 2-hour business physical. Call 518-383-3337 for your appointment.

Business documents including marketing plans, sample job descriptions, employee handbook and more—all offered by a business consultant with more than 30 years experience—are all at your fingertips.

Download thousands of business manuals, employee manuals,business plan templates, employee evaluation samples, tailored to hundreds of different industries, and available in several formats and languages all right here.

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These instruments have been installed in thousands of businesses. They are proven, safe, and provide immediate benefits. They are easy to read and valuable in earning you money, satisfaction and security. All you have to do is download, read and implement the tools in your business — Quickly! You get “THE WORKS” — THE BUSINESS WORKS so that YOUR business works! You can even get my newsletter.Join our mailing list. It’s free.

Gambling Addiction

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Seek Ortho Advice Today!

Let Your Denver Orthodontist specialist work for you!

Denver Orthodontic

It is important to seek medical attention at the earliest stages. When it comes to corrective surgery early treatment is key. The American Dental Association recommends that children see an orthodontist by the age of 7. At this age they have the highest chance of successful medical treatment and often a quicker response to the treatment. There are many forms of treatment to include but not limited to; braces, head gear, expanders, spacers, and invisalign. Though it is recommended to seek treatment at an early age, it is never too late.


Denver Medical Treatment

It is important to seek treatment from medical professionals. While sometimes people think they can solve problems themselves, more often than not they are just covering them up. Often times permanent damage or inability to heal result from avoiding medical treatment.